Thursday, 1 March 2012

SkyBet pulls iPad 3 betting due to 'heavy bets'


SkyBet have revealed why they had to remove the iPad 3 book with confident technophiles laying down heavy figures, forcing the site to reconsider
SkyBet have spoken to TechRadar revealing why they had to close their iPad 3 launch book. According to the site it was down to the large number of three figure bets that instantly appeared.

The book had been set up to give people the chance to bet on what features the upcoming Apple iPad 3 would either come with or definitely not have.

Speaking to the tech site Helen Jacob from SkyBet revealed that after having opened the book they quickly realised a few problems with allowing bets on such a highly talked about topic such as the iPad 3.
"Within a half an hour of the markets opening we took a flood of money including a string of very chunky three-figure bets,"
"If the money is correct, then the new hardware will definitely not have a new carbon fibre casing, will not be called the iPad 2S and will have 128GB of storage!"
Despite Sky's confidence in Apple's secrecy, the iPad 3 is one of the most talked about tech products and so led to a wealth of technophiles who believed confidently they knew what would be appearing on the tablet.
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