Thursday, 1 March 2012

Autocorrected text message sees two American schools closed


Apple iPhone 4S angle
Casting a shadow over the usually funny text autocorrect, two schools in the US were closed after a text accidentally included the word 'gunman'
A misspelled text message caused two American schools to be closed yesterday after a handset’s autocorrect features replaced the word ‘gunna’ with ‘gunman’.

Sparking a flurry of concern, the wayward text message forced two schools in West Hall, Georgia to be locked down by police whilst the suspected gunman threat was investigated.

The text, which was sent to a resident of the West Hall community mistakenly read “gunman be at west hall today” instead of the intended and grammatically questionable “gunna be at west hall today.”

"It was a combination of odd circumstances,” Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks of the Hall County Sheriff's Office said on the matter. “We want to emphasize that the recipient did the right thing in reporting the message."

Showing the serious side of a text messaging mishap, there have been a flurry of humorous autocorrect slip ups in the past with words such as ‘vertical’, ‘homie’ and ‘pesto’ frequently replaced with testicle, homoerotic and pesticides without being noticed until sent.
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