Friday, 2 March 2012

Best Apps: iPhone, iPad and Android


The top apps for Apple's iPhone, iPad and Google's Android, continuously updated.
Whether you're a card-carrying member of Team Apple or staunchly entrenched with the Android Army, mobiles and tablets are only as good as the apps they run. But with hundreds of thousands of apps clamouring for your attention, where's a gadget lover to start? Lucky for you, T3's app afficionados are on hand with their best app choices from the App Store and Android Market, every month. Sorted.

Best iPhone apps
Sitting pretty atop the Technology News22 best smartphone list, the iPhone still boasts more apps than any of its competitors. Check out our selection of the best free iPhone apps and best paid iPhone apps.

Best iPad apps
Whether you've just picked up an iPad 2 or are still smitten with the original, you'll want to fill it with the best apps available from the iPad's 350,000 options. Here's our pick of the best free iPad apps and the  best paid iPad apps.

Best Android apps
With Google's Android cropping up all over the smartphone shop, the Android Market is growing at a rate of knots. Check out the Technology News22 Android experts' pick of the best free Android apps and the very best paid Android apps that deserve your attention.
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