Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Facebook Messenger arrives for Windows, Mac client coming soon


How to use Facebook to find your next house
Facebook Messenger for Windows is now official, following its accidental launch late last year. The desktop client brings Chat, Ticker and Notifications and will assist your stealth Facebooking
Facebook has launched the stand-alone Messenger client for Windows PCs, allowing users to continue chatting, away from the Facebook.com browser site.

The app will come as a huge boost to those who wish to use the social network's instant messaging service without being anchored to their news feed or profile page and the various distractions that may bring.
It could also come as a relief to those stealth Facebookers who like to use the service in the office, with a Skype-like desktop client, which also brings Notifications and the recently-added Ticker which brings friends' status updates and 'actions' as well as the IM offering.
The app will also bring to an end that frustrating moment when you accidentally close-down the browser mid-chat and completely forget you're in the middle of a chat.
The desktop client, which follows the launch of similar stand-alone apps for iPhone and Android, while Apple Mac OS X users can also expect the service to come there way in the near future, according to Facebook.
The official launch of Facebook Messenger for Windows PCs arrives months after it was initially 'released' in December, when it was accidentally leaked by Facebook.
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