Friday, 2 March 2012

Flipboard adds Cover Stories feature to iPad app


T3 Award-winning app Flipboard for iPad gets a new upgrade, which adds Cover Stories into the mix, bringing the stories most important to you, directly to the front page.
Flipboard for iPad has been granted a major update with the popular Cover Stories feature added into the mix.
The socially-themed digital magazine, which won the App of the Year Award at the T3 Gadget Awards 2011, gets the update months after it first appeared on the then newly-launched iPhone version of the app.
Cover Stories aims to collate the articles most relevant to you on the front page of the application, based on your past reading and viewing habits and previous social interaction.

It negates the need to flip through the entire customised magazine to find the articles you're searching for and Flipboard hopes the new feature will make the app your one-stop shop.
Flipboard was the clear winner of the App of the Year Award in October with our panel saying: "Lots of apps aggregate your social media feeds, but Flipboard does so whilst maintaining the feel of a real digital magazine that you can casually flick through. Flipboard puts everything you need to read today in one place; it's invaluable."
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