Sunday, 4 March 2012

Apple wins Siri Advertising Standards Agency case


Apple iPhone 4S launch day
Apple has triumphed in an Advertising Standards Agency investigation that saw a number of complaints brought against the iPhone 4S' Siri features
Complaints of underperforming Siri functionality have been overthrown by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) as the demands of some British users of the voice commanded personal assistant were deemed to exceed those of the "average consumer" in the UK.

The recent case, which called into question a Vodafone advert for the iPhone 4S, was deemed not to have oversold the abilities of Apple's beta voice assistant Siri despite a number of the services key features not being available to UK users.

Despite not being available outside of the US, the UK published iPhone advertisement made reference to Siri's ability to use location data to offer directional and surround area information. Despite a number of complaints, the ad was not deemed to have misled users and falsified information as it included the suffix: "Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area."

The ASA ruling declared: "We considered that some consumers may have had prior knowledge of what Siri was reportedly able to do in the US and, with this knowledge, might read into the ad that Siri users in the UK would benefit from similar maps-based functionality."

It added: "However we did not consider that these consumers represented the average consumer in the UK and, because the ad in itself had not explicitly or implicitly made such claims, we concluded that the ad was not misleading."
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